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Hi, I’m Jean-Marc.

I like to laugh, meet new people, and create beautiful things.

A Little About Me.

An award-winning creative director (true) and amateur snake-charmer (not true), I pursue excellence with joie de vivre. Here are some of the fun things I’ve done!

Written, produced, and directed award-winning animated and live action commercials, short films, and marketing videos (some featuring Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman and best-selling author Timothy Keller).

Directed creative development of websites, periodicals, and other marketing collateral, leading freelance and in-house designers, video-editors, developers, and more.

Led rebranding process and brand rollouts for large and small non-profit and for-profit organizations.

6 awards, including Audience Choice, for The Save, a short film officially selected by 13 film festivals.

1st place in American Family Insurance’s commercial competition for “There’s a Better Way.”

Editor’s Choice Award (and finalist) in’s commercial competition for “A Real Vacation.”

Finalist in SIMple Mobile’s commercial competition for “Now Presiding.”

Finalist in Ahhmigo’s commercial competition for “We Did It All For You.”

3rd place in’s $27,000 commercial competition for “Get the Money!”

Official Selection at the Phoenix Christian Film Festival and Finalist in FilmTheNext’s commercial competition for “OneWay.”

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